Tree Surveys and Inspections

Tree surveyWe can carry out tree safety surveys, which are a cost-effective method of providing professional assessment of trees on sites where there a large number of trees. The survey will provide information that will allow the owner to manage their trees with regards to their duty of care.

Tree inspections are more detailed examinations of individual or small numbers of trees where there are issues which require more detailed information such as trees next to property. For both surveys and inspections, we will provide advice on any remedial work which might be required to keep you and your trees safe and ensure you comply with your duty of care.

Working on trees protected by TPO’s or within Conservation areas are a regular part of our work, and we can provide arboricultural advice and reports to support this type of planning application.

We can also carry out surveys as required by planning legislation (BS 5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction). These surveys can include tree retention/removal plans, tree protection plans, digital mapping as well as arboricultural impact assessments and method statements.

We also carry out utility surveys on behalf of DNO’s and are currently authorised and qualified for this work.