Wood Fuel

We have been supplying dried firewood in the local area for almost 20 years. Our investment in a drying kiln allows us to ensure that any firewood supplied as ready to burn will have a moisture content of 20% or less. Generally we can source our softwood locally, though we have to buy in hardwood due to the erratic supply available. Whatever you buy, it will be ready to burn.

Current prices for firewood

  • Kiln dried Hardwood – £130 per cubic metre available in 20 cm or 30 cm
  • Kiln dried Softwood – £100 per cubic metre.
  • 20 litre bags of Kiln dried hardwood- £100 per 25 bags.
  • Hardwood briquettes £100 per 25 packs (10 kg each)

Prices include delivery within a 10-mile radius of Mynydd Llandegai. Please call us on 01248 601032 to discuss your requirements.

MTS 10-mile delivery radius

Burning unseasoned wood

results of burning wet woodThis is what happens to the top of your chimney if you burn wet wood. The build up of tarry deposits at the top of the flue is caused by the moisture in the wet wood condensing with sooty deposits from coal burnt in addition to the wet wood. Further down the flue, the steam condensing on the liner, and combining with sulphurous deposits in the coal soot can form a weak sulphuric acid which will corrode metal parts including pipes.

This hard tarry deposit had to be chiselled out. The clear chimney pot gives you an indication of how constricted the flue had become, affecting the draft available for combustion.