Sawn Products

I have been milling both hardwoods and softwood here in North Wales since 1998, when I began a mobile milling service with a woodmizer LT40 sawmill.

Nowadays, I prefer to mill in our yard where I have the benefit of mechanical handling, as well as a timber drying kiln, but I will bring the mill to the customer if required.

We have a stock of round timber available for milling, concentrating on local durable softwoods (Douglas Fir, Larch, Western Red Cedar and Sequoia).Occasionally, other timbers are available including Oak, Ash, Beech, Lime, Sycamore etc.

A drying kiln is available for drying timber, and machining operations such as planing can be carried out on site.

Sawn timber

  • structural
  • hardwood and softwood
  • softwood cladding

Timber products

  • footbridges
  • benches
  • posts
  • gates
  • sheds and hides