The Project

Our project was set up by community woodland group Coetir Mynydd, to see what uses the community of Mynydd Llandygai have for Parc Y Bwlch Forestry plantation, coniferous woodland, which is next to the village on the slopes of Moel Y Ci Mountain.

We were told that the design plan for the forest is going to be reviewed and Coetir Mynydd decided it would be valuable to consult with the local community to find out how people in the area use the forest and how they would like the forest to be used in the future. The consultation’s aim was to find out the views of the local community and present these views to Forestry Commission Wales.

Coetir Mynydd, decided to ask us, the young people from the community, to help with the consultation. Coetir Mynydd raised funding for the project from The Russell Commission, to help us get help and support to find out what people thought about the forestry. Wayne Talbot of WTA Education was hired to consult on the project, delivering his expertise in ‘Action Competence’ methodology. Local youth workers Martin Daws and Kirsten Hails were hired to work with us.

Parc y Bwlch area
Map 1 - Parc y Bwlch area